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REGULAR DEADLINE with Early Bird Pricing Extended!
CLOSED ON Friday, July 24th, 2020 at 11:59 pm EST
 PRSA-NY Members
(EB Pricing
(EB Pricing
Enter in 1 Category $400 $450
Enter in 2 Categories $725 $825
Enter in 3 Categories $1,050 $1,200

Entrants may submit a unique campaign in up to three applicable categories; discounts apply for multiple-entry submissions of the same campaign, Spotlight Awards excluded in multiple-entry discounts. Contact the PRSA-NY office at 212-228-7228 with any questions regarding payment and discounts.

Entrants may submit a stand-alone item or part(s) of a larger campaign as a Spotlight Award entry.


IMPORTANT NOTE:  Entrants are encouraged to keep a copy of any and all system-generated online payment confirmations.