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The judging panel is comprised of dozens of experienced, senior-level PR professionals representing a wide range of disciplines and expertise. Groups of senior professionals judge every Big Apple Award entry objectively. Special care is taken to assure that all judges remain impartial and are not assigned to review nomination(s) that create a conflict of interest. PRSA-NY provides the judges with a consistent set of criteria and score sheets, along with training on our standards and best practices. If appropriate, the judging groups will name multiple nominees in categories where multiple entrants meet their high standards. We will notify those nominees in advance of the Big Apple Awards Gala, and we will announce the winner of the categories with multiple nominees during the Gala. Last year, 128 entries were named nominees, with 78 of those nominees' entries being named as the eventual winner.
  • PRSA-NY reserves the right to exclude any entry for any reason. Refunds will not be given should an entry be reviewed and subsequently rejected.
  • Judges reserve the right to move entries to alternative categories they believe to be more appropriate.  
  • The decision of the judges is final.
  • The judges' online score sheets are the property of PRSA-NY; these score sheets will NOT be shared with entrants.

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  • Nominees will be notified mid-August.
  • All Big Apple Award nominees should send at least one representative to the 2020 Big Apple Awards Gala to accept the award, should that entrant be named a winner.
  • Ticket sales will launch on the PRSA-NY website when available.

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  • Each entry must have been produced with at least the majority of the public relations campaign and its results having occurred from 1/1/2019 through 3/31/2020.
    Multi-year campaigns may be entered in successive years only if the elements submitted for consideration meet the above criteria.
  • Each entry must have had a geographic relationship to the New York metropolitan area (either development or implementation). Entries may be submitted by communications and public relations professionals in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut for programs created from 1/1/2019 through 3/31/2020, and implemented anywhere in the world. Most or all of the strategic work on the programs should have been performed by professionals in this tri-state area. Professionals outside the tri-state area are eligible to submit programs if, and only if, their program was implemented primarily in New York, New Jersey and/or Connecticut.

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  • Once submitted, entries become the property of PRSA-NY. 
  • Entries are not confidential. However, during the submission process only, entrants may request that access to budget information be restricted to Big Apple judges.
  • With the exception of the budget exclusion option noted above, PRSA-NY reserves the right to use entries or a reproduction of entries in part or in full. This may include posting on the PRSA-NY and/or Institute for Public Relations (IPR) websites, use at the PRSA-NY Big Apple Gala, promotion of future Big Apple Awards, and/or to provide a resource of successful programs for educational purposes.
  • PRSA-NY recommends that submitters secure approval from clients and/or employers prior to submitting an entry. PRSA-NY accepts all award entries with the understanding this permission has been granted. Disputes involving clients, employers and submitters must be addressed by the parties involved. PRSA-NY will not mediate.
  • A complaint that an entry was submitted without authorization may cause an entry to be disqualified; consideration will be given on a case-by-case basis.  
  • No refunds will be given to entries that have been submitted and subsequently withdrawn or disqualified.

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We asked industry experts, former judges, and recent award winners to share their tips for writing an award-winning entry (and mistakes to avoid along the way). Emmanuel Tchividjian, PRSA-NY’s chief ethics officer compiled the guidance we received into a great “How To” presentation that will help entrants communicate program goals, describe tactics, highlight measureable results and maximize your chances of winning one of the most prestigious awards in the communications industry. 


Take a quick look at the top award-winning entries from 2018 and pick up a few insights from their presentations:


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